Welcome to Reference Your Reference in Corporate & Trust Services Incorporation of Luxembourg companies - Coordination with other professionals (banks, tax advisors, lawyers, ...) for a smooth incorporation
- Drafting of articles of association and liaising with notary
- Acting as representative of the founders at incorporation
- Opening of bank accounts
- KYC – AML documents & details gathering
Domiciliation & lease of offices - Provision of a registered seat in the municipality of Luxembourg City
(10 minutes walking distance from the railway station)
- Possibility to rent of a furnished office (facility management services included)
- Forwarding any correspondence to the client and/or legal representatives
- Acting as registered agent and process agent
Directorship Services - Provision of mandates as Individual Director/Manager or Corporate Directors for any Luxembourg entities
- Provision of independent individual directors for regulated (RAIF, SIFs, SICAR,…) and unregulated structures
- Continuous monitoring of the companies’ activities and management with due diligence
- Coordination of the different professionals involved to ensure efficient day-to-day management
- Provision of mandates as Liquidator
- Provision of mandates as statutory auditor on annual accounts or on liquidation accounts
Accounting Services - Day-to-day bookkeeping
- Preparation of LuxGaap or IFRS annual accounts (including balance sheet, P&L and notes to the financial statements)
- If required, preparation of group or interim financial reports
- If required, support and assistance to auditors
- Preparation of consolidated accounts under LuxGaap or IFRS
Tax Compliance Services - Preparation of corporate income tax and municipal business tax returns
- Preparation and filing of net worth tax returns
- Preparation of other returns like withholding tax on dividend distribution or on directors’ fees
- VAT registration
- Preparation and filing of VAT returns (annual and periodic returns)
- Preparation and filing of FATCA/CRS reporting
Company Secretarial Services - Coordination of board and shareholder meetings including drafting of the agenda, minutes or resolutions
- Review and coordination of the execution of legal documents in line with the Luxembourg laws
- Maintenance of corporate file and updating of registers
- Ensure compliance with all legal and financial filing obligations
- Taking care of the various corporate correspondences and communications
Central Administration Services - Coordination with initiator, other professionals and regulator for a smooth launch of the fund structure
- Reviewing the constitutional documents
- Drafting operating procedures together with the other professionals involved
- Preparation of LuxGaap and IFRS annual financial statements
- Net Asset Value calculation
- Assistance to auditors & AIFM (if any)
- Preparation & filing of regulatory reporting
- Taking care of all the Luxembourg legal and financial filing formalities
Transfer Agency Services - Keeping the shareholders/ investors and commitments registers
- handling of subscriptions/redemptions as well as capital calls
- Drafting and dispatching of capital call, distribution, convening and redemption notices to the shareholders/investors
- Coordination of board and shareholder meetings including drafting of the agenda, minutes or resolutions
Ship registration with the Luxembourg Maritime Registry: - Registration of the ship with the Luxembourg maritime registry
- Delivery of mortgage documentation to the Luxembourg Mortgage Registry
- Intermediation between the “Commissariat aux Affaires Maritimes” (CAM), the « Administration de
l’Enregistrement et des Domaines » (AED) and the client.
Provision of an accredited maritime manager: - Provision of a Luxembourg accredited maritime manager (as per Art. 132 of the maritime act as of November 9, 1990)
- The accredited maritime manager is also appointed as member of the board of the maritime company
- Coordination services for all matters dealing with the Luxembourg maritime company and the Luxembourg maritime registry

Reference, Luxembourg

Reference Financial Services is an independent company, regulated by the CSSF, providing a full range of high-end fund & corporate services to Luxembourg-based entities.

Reference Financial Services is now a team of a dozen of experienced employees, and provides its services to more than 150 entities worth an aggregate amount of nearly 4 billions euros of assets.

Our clients have exclusively international activities and are active in various sectors, mainly Real Estate, Private Equity, Intellectual Property, E-commerce, Advisory, Wealth Management, Maritime.

Our services include the domiciliation of the Luxembourg vehicles and the other services required to maintain the vehicles in a good corporate standing. These services include the fund administration & accounting, the corporate administration, the VAT and income tax compliance and Directorships.

We also assist in the incorporation of Luxembourg funds and companies and in their liquidation. Reference is an accredited Maritime Manager and can also provide ship registration and Maritime Management services.

Reference, Your Reference in Fund & Corporate Services

Contact Information

Office: (+352) 27 48 98 27
Olivier JARNY: (+352) 691 82 84 01
Cédric RATHS: (+352) 661 20 14 32
(+352) 27 48 98 50


Suntera Global has continued its growth strategy with the acquisition of Reference Financial Services SA (Luxembourg), (“Reference”), a boutique fund administration and corporate services firm.

The acquisition, which is subject to appropriate regulatory approvals, adds to Suntera Global’s client base while strengthening