Reference, Luxembourg

Reference Financial Services is an independent company, regulated by the CSSF, providing a full range of high-end fund & corporate services to Luxembourg-based entities.

Reference Financial Services is now a team of a dozen of experienced employees, and provides its services to more than 150 entities worth an aggregate amount of nearly 4 billions euros of assets.

Our clients have exclusively international activities and are active in various sectors, mainly Real Estate, Private Equity, Intellectual Property, E-commerce, Advisory, Wealth Management, Maritime.

Our services include the domiciliation of the Luxembourg vehicles and the other services required to maintain the vehicles in a good corporate standing. These services include the fund administration & accounting, the corporate administration, the VAT and income tax compliance and Directorships.

We also assist in the incorporation of Luxembourg funds and companies and in their liquidation. Reference is an accredited Maritime Manager and can also provide ship registration and Maritime Management services.

Reference, Your Reference in Fund & Corporate Services

Contact Information

Office: (+352) 27 48 98 27
Olivier JARNY: (+352) 691 82 84 01
Cédric RATHS: (+352) 661 20 14 32
(+352) 27 48 98 50


Une «Reference» dans l’administration de fonds

Depuis le 28 décembre 2017, Reference Corporate Services et Centuria Capital Luxembourg forment une seule et même entreprise dénommée Reference Financial Services, PSF spécialisé. Reference étoffe ainsi sa gamme de services à destination des fonds alternatifs (RAIF et SIF)