Reference is an independent company providing a full range of high-end corporate trust services and is governed by the rules and regulations of the local accountancy body, the “Ordre des Experts-Comptables” in Luxembourg.

Reference is an accredited maritime manager supervised by the local maritime authority, the “Commissariat aux Affaires Maritimes”.

Our international clients are active in Private Equity, Real Estate, Intellectual Property, Energy Trading, E-Commerce, Advisory, Maritime and Ship Financing.

Our services include the domiciliation of the Luxembourg vehicles which is part of a global structure and the other services required to maintain the vehicles in a good corporate standing. These include corporate administration, ship registration, accounting, financial reporting, VAT and income tax compliance.

The Luxembourg vehicles usually require local directors with active participation to the on-going board meetings and we can act as such directors.

Contact Information

Office: (+352) 27 48 98 27
Olivier JARNY: (+352) 691 82 84 01
Cédric RATHS: (+352) 661 20 14 32
(+352) 27 48 98 50

Address :
2, rue Heinrich Heine, L-1720 Luxembourg

Postal address:
PO Box 1057, L-1010 Luxembourg

Secondary office:
22 avenue de la liberté, L-1930 Luxembourg

Images Of Our Workplace